Wood augers: Wood Augers. Long wood auger drill bits, Carbide tip long heavy duty large wood augers. Wood Drill Bits Auger Bits, Timbers/Construction/Wood Sea Walls/Landscaping/Utilities Heavy Equipment Mat Construction Carbide Tip Wood Augers and Drills.


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Custom and Standard Tooling, for all Applications Large or Small. Specialists for Specific Needs Drill Bits or all other Tooling.


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Hss drill bits,M-1,M-2 and all other steel cuttng tools

end mills carbide,cobalt Hss

HSS Twist Drills
all metal working Tooling
Micro, Metric, Fractional,
number, letter
tapered, extra long,
over sized,
All Metal Working Tooling
and custom needs

Drills and Tooling.
micro, Letter, Number,
Fractional, Metric, specials

carbide and cobalt drilla and cutting tools


Core Drills,
Counter Sinks
custom needs

Annular Cutters

Drill Bits
Glass Porcelain

Cores- Drills -router-jig-finishing Tooling

 Glass Porcelain
Ceramic, Tile
 Custom design mfg specials. Metal bonded,
plated braze bonded

Diamond Drill
Carbon Composite
Stone Cutting Tooling
micro, core, router, pads,
disks, cnc, pcd,
plated, brazed,
metal bond routers
finger bits, drums.



Hydraulic Drill Motors
SDS and Wood Boring Motors




Drill Motors
And Accessories

Magnetic protable drill machines
Portable Magnetic Drill Motors
Electric, Hydraulic, Pneumatic


sds, spline, A & B taper,
extra long
custom designed


Carbide tip Masonry,concrete core drills

A & B Taper, Spline, Standard, Ratio.
custom designed

Diamond Cores
wet & dry
saw blades
core rigs
Diamond core drills  wet and dryDiamond concrete,asphault, and masonry blades

Hurricane Anchor Drills

Fusebar Reamers

Fiberglass, Plastics

Wood Working
Drills -Tooling

step drills
plexi point
counter bore
plug cutter
Cutting tools for all woodworkingCarbide and Hss Router bits for all applications

Tenon cutters

Tenon cutters all sizes

Brad Points

Brad Point  bits forll woo,d fiberglass,Composite,

Wood Augers Treated Timbers
sea walls
log home const
epee, Brazilian Wood
bridge construction.
carbide tip wood augers for treated timbers

Timber Drills
Counter Bores
Counter Sinks
utility poles
Fiberglass poles
R/R ties
wood core
special mfg needs

Carbide tip timber counter bores and auger

Shipping Information

Maintenance Welding

Alloyed. Cast Iron,
Aluminum, Steel
Brass, High Strength
maintenance welding alloy

Fractional-Decimal Convergence Chart

HSS & Cobalt
Special P

Drill Feed and Speed Chart

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Wood Augers -Manufacturer/Distributor, large wood auger drills, long heavy duty wood augers,
heavy duty carbide tip wood auger. Landscape designing, electrical utilities,
heavy duty boring. large timber boring, underwater coral drilling,
under sea exploration tooling, ice snow tools, pole bits, electric utility tools,
installer bits, plumber bits, electrician bits, rough in bit.

Wood Augers

Treated Wood and Timbers.
7/16" to 4" diameters and metric.
12", 18", 24",36", and 48" lengths.
Custom Mfg. 8" up to 184" plus lengths and all diameters.

of the highest quality Carbide Tip and Standard Wood augers
World Wide !

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Over 31 Years of Manufacturing and Distributing Quality Tools!
World Wide
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Tired of buying tooling over and over again?
Wood augers that will give you maximum productivity
and get the job done!

------No One!------

Industrial -Carbide Tip -Heavy Duty wood augers.
* Pressure Treated * Timbers * Landscape Logs * Railroad Ties *
Boat Building * Fencing * Heavy Mat Fabrication * Log Home Construction *
Bridge Construction Auger Drill Bits * Railroad ties *
Specialty auger drill *and fiberglass Utilities Poles *
* Forestry Arborists * Decking Construction
utility construction tools* Sea Wall Construction*
and many more applications.

For any Projects Needing Larger Diameters or Length wood augers, call us!
Phone: 407-478-2487

 Engineers are always available to answer your questions and help.

Tools are designed to be refurbish able, can be configured for all your individual drilling needs.
When ordering please specify the type of wood being drilled, power tool being used,
the number of holes, size, and depth.
Industrial -Carbide Tip Wood Augers -Heavy Duty tools for all treaded lumber and construction Made For:
Pressure Treated  - Timbers - Logs - Railroad Ties
Log Home Construction - Utilities -Forestry
Decks -Landscaping - Underwater Construction
Sea Wall Construction - Heavy Duty Construction
Drill Bits for all trades and industrial use when you need tools to last. Special diameter and length tools,
custom manufactured to your needs
All Manufactured in the USA!
" Power Plus Annihilator "
powerful heavy duty
Carbide Tip
Standard Diameters
7/16" *1/2 *9/16 *5/8" * 11/16 *3/4" * 13/16
15/16 * 7/8" * 15/16" * * 1"*
1-1/16 * 1-1/8 * 1-3/16
1-1/4 * 1-3/8 * 1-1/2"
Up to 3 diameters Standard Lengths.
12 * 18 * 24 * 36 * 48 Lengths
custom manufactured up to 184 plus lengths.
(click on image for sizes)
EXTRA LONG Carbide Tipped Wood Auger Drill Bits
Extra Large and Extra Long sizes.

- railroad tools– drill bits–drills carbide bits refurbishable annihilator log and timber drills
carbide tipped with hardened L-5 spur,
Timber Drills.

Soft or hard woods, fiberglass, composites,
heavy green woods, For forestry, Home Builders, Timber Framing,
Glue lam, Truss Construction, Treated Woods, Boat Building,
Sea Wall Construction, Underwater Construction, wood and fiberglass Utility poles, Landscaping,
Bridge Construction. Heavy Equipment, Matt Construction, and more.
No run out or wandering.
Clean Entry and Exits.
Use with electric air / gas powered
drill motors
lead screw, carbide, and shank are replaceable
and can be completely rebuilt

Socket, SDS, Spline and Standard Shanks.
The Power Plus annihilator
WILL out-perform all others!
utillity pole wood bitsboring bits - railroad– bits
The Annihilators are carbide tipped drill bits that have a carbide-tipped cutting tip combined with a hardened steel cutting edge. This allows the Annihilator carbide tipped wood drill bits to bore holes in all types of wood quickly, leaving little or no residue. A truly clean, smooth hole is produced.
The carbide tipped drill bits requires less torque to operate and can be used with electric, air, or gasoline powered drill motors and impact wrenches. The carbide cutter is brazed onto the steel body and the hardened steel cutting edge can be sharpened. The lead screw, shank, and carbide cutter are replaceable allowing thee Annihilator carbide tipped  drill bits to be completely rebuilt.

Carbide Counter Bores Diameters
7/16 * 5/8 * 3/4 * 1-1/4 * 1-1/2 * 2 * 2-1/2 * 3 * 3-1/2
Hex or round Shanks,
1/2, 5/8, 3/4, (Round), (socket, SDS, or spline)
special custom sizes made for your applications!
carbide counter bores and bits for timber bits countersink stepped

Log Home Construction Drills and Counter boresRail Road Tie Drills Carbide Tip Annihilators
All Diameters- 1" and up
custom carbide  counter sink

carbide counter sinks - tools – counter bore

"Marine Shark bits"
Call for price.
marine underwater drills

Standard High Speed Steel
 hand brace bits / ship auger / pole bits
electricians bits / utility bits
and all other styles.
All styles of augers.
Single spur, double spur, bare foot and more,
available in all sizes and lengths.
Call us for pricing and availability.
high speed steel wood drills
 auger bits high speed steel

For over thirty years, "Advantage Drills Incorporated", has been another one of the industry leaders for design, production, of carbide tipped drill bits and accessory items. We strive to supply the highest quality tooling, and maintain the best customer service and engineering, possible and that you receive the Best American Made Products and Service.

    Our dedication to research and development has produced many fine products, such as our line of carbide tipped wood boring Augers. Research and development is an everyday part of our operation. In fact, we can produce one piece carbide tipped Augers in lengths and diameters that other manufacturers simply cannot match.
Our motto is, "If the law of physics allows it, We can Manufacturer it for you."

    After years of testing custom manufacturing, refining, and listening to many professional industries like yours, we have help develop carbide tipped Augers for boring long, large diameter holes that make all other drill bits in your tool inventories obsolete! Many milled out of single piece of hss steel, with custom designed heavy duty lead screws and a specially modified high grade carbide cutting tips. You’ll have no doubt that our wood boring carbide tipped drill bits are designed for the serious industrial wood craftsman, productive manufacturer and repair engineers!



    Contributing to the lower cost-per-hole design of the carbide tipped wood boring Augers can be re-sharpened, or even completely rebuilt if necessary. This gives the carbide tipped wood boring drill bits the ability to outlast ordinary carbon steel wood boring bits an average of one hundred times to one, under normal conditions, dramatically cutting your yearly tooling expense!

  No more worrying about spot-welded fluting coming loose half way through a hole, stopping your job dead in its tracks! No more wasted time or money having a longer shank welded onto your present bit in order to do a job! "Advantage Drills Incorporated" carbide tipped wood boring Augers come in standard sizes up to four feet in length, with even custom manufacture larger sizes available for your specific needs! No more time wasted clearing your holes, particularly in hard woods and treated lumber and glulam, because the fluting on your present bits isn’t long enough or proper flute relief for the holes you’re drilling. The four-foot carbide tipped wood Augers comes with a standard 44" of fluting, in diameters of up to 1 ¾". Need a longer bit? Give us a call! Our custom designed lead screw pulls the carbide tipped wood Augers quickly through the wood, while drilling a truer hole without run out or blow out than your present drill bits do!

You will be dealing with one of the most respected manufacturers/ distributors of carbide-tipped Augers in the industry. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, Many of you have been in the Log Home -Timber Industry for years, and we recognize many of your needs due to the vast number of you that we have listened to and aided in helping save thousands of dollars and giving you tooling that works for your specific needs. But, if you happen to run across a drilling problem, please give us a call, you will be talking to an engineer that has been in this specific industry for years!  There’s a good chance we can help, and you’ll find  we are sincere in being an asset to you and your needs!

If you don't see it, just call us and ask!

"Ultimate Aggressor"
Carbide Tip

(click on image for sizes)

 drills for heavy duty use
Drill flute design,
gives the Aggressor the ability to drill faster
than standard steel augers.
 Milled from solid high alloy steel.
Because of it's rugged construction and tip design.
The Ultimate Aggressor is able to accept
extreme torque and high R.P.M.LOADS. LOADS. loads.
Standard sizes available.
* 9/16 * 11/16 *3/4" * 13/16 * 15/16  * 1
* 1-1/16 * 1-1/8 * 1-1/4 * 1-1/16 * 1-1/8 *
* 1-3/16 * 1-1/4 *1-3/8" * 1-1/2
Standard Lengths.
12" * 18" * 24" * 36" * 48" * Lengths.
Custom manufactured up to 184 plus lengths
for treated wood or green lumber, or forestry
Socket, SDS, spline, standard shanks.
EXTRA LONG Carbide Tipped Wood Auger Drill Bits
Extra Large and Extra Long Wood Augers

The unique power flute design and the exclusive carbide tip incorporated into the design of the Aggressor carbide tipped drill bits, allows them to drill faster than ordinary steel bits. The Aggressor carbide tipped wood drill bits are milled from a solid bar of steel to make it tougher and stronger than most conventional wood drilling bits. These are truly long lasting, heavy-duty carbide tipped wood drill bits that are able to accept the high torque load and high R.P.M.LOADS. level generated by the most powerful impact wrenches and drill motors. Hydraulic tools like the Stanley ID-04 “Yellow Jacket” impact wrench, the Racine HIW-716 and the Fairmount H8508 impact wrench will provide improved hole drilling performance when used with the Aggressor carbide tipped wood drill bits. The Aggressor carbide tipped drill bits also works well in heavy-duty electric, pneumatic, and gas powered drills. The Aggressor carbide tipped drill bits are fully reversible, and comes in standard diameters from 9/16” up to 1-1/8”, and in standard lengths from 12” to 48”. The shank is a standard 7/16” or 5/8” hex, but can be customized to fit most power tools.


Framing Wood Auger Drill

(Tie Bits)
Railroad Tie Auger Bits.
Carbide Tipped.
for wood and fiberglass railroad ties
and heavy woods.
7/16 * 1/2 * 9/16 * 5/8
11/16 * 3/4 * 13/16 * 7/8 *1 * 1-1/6
9-1/2 * 12 * 18 * 24 * 36 * 48". standard.
Socket, SDS, Splined, round Standard Shanks!

Special sizes made!
Carbide-tipped Railroad Tie bits


carbide brad point tip optional wood tip
Optional Tip
Special sizes made!

For Railroad Ties and heavy timbers
Carbide-tipped Railroad Tie bits are especially designed for drilling
all types of wooden railroad ties, cross-ties, and pressure treated lumber.
These Railroad tie bits offers rapid chip evacuation due to
special fluting that provides a large chip storage area and prevents clogging.
The high quality carbide tip, available in a spear point (90°) design
will drill into the hardest of woods.
Simple put our Railroad Tie Bits are designed for drilling railroad ties.

Razor Line Runner
razzor railroad tie drills carbide tip
Ideal for drilling railroad cross ties, landscape timbers, marine piles,
 and thick salt treated posts.

features a razor sharp carbide edge on a single spiral hollow flute bit that will cut quickly and cleanly effectively removing cutting debris.  The design also prevents thermal buildup thus preventing melting of the work surface. The RAZZOR can be sharpened and completely rebuilt if necessary. The unique point geometry and hollow flute design is self feeding without the aid of a lead screw. The RAILROAD TIE BORE BIT makes an excellent exit hole while keeping "blowout" to a minimum. The RAILROAD TIE BORE BIT can be provided with various shank configurations, the most common is the 1/2" Round Shank with 0, 1 or 3 flats. This allows the drill bit to be chucked into a ½" Jacobs Chuck or larger drill. Made from high quality American tools steel on precision CNC grinders. A "must have" for any job that requires a through hole in a thick timber of spikes or bolts. sold in production units only.
min(250 pc)

Timber Wood Auger
 30" and 40 Lengths only.
From 9/16 to 1-1/2 Diameters.
30 and 40 inch length high speed steel double spur.

Carbide Counter Sinks Custom manufactured.
large hole counter bores.
any diameter or depth.
counter wood bits - timber drill bits carbide countersinks

Fire Storm double spur for general purpose
medium to heavy duty use!

(click on image for sizes)
carbide tip with Two Surs the fastest in utillity poles and tough woods. refurbishablke

*9/16 *11/16 *13/16 *15/16 * 1-1/16
12 * 18 * 24 * 36 * 48
shanks 7/16 hex or 5/8 hex
special sizes and lengths available on request.

The FIRE STORM carbide tipped drill bits
are general purpose bits, medium to heavy-duty auger style wood boring  pole bit.
These wood drill bits are milled from a single piece of steel creating a solid center and a truly unique flute design. This combination enables these carbide tipped wood drill bits to outperform and out last any ordinary steel auger pole bits.

The FIRE STORM features a patented double spur, carbide tip drill bit configuration and proven power-auger flute design. These carbide tipped  drill bits are designed to produce numerous straight holes and is self-feeding The FIRE STORM works equally well with newer hydraulic power tools that utilize a high torque, high R. P. M. design, or with older hydraulic tools that may develop slightly less torque and speed. FIRE STORM carbide tipped wood drill bits can also be used with most heavy-duty electric, pneumatic, or gasoline powered drill motors or impact wrenches rated at 1/2" capacity or larger. Do not use reverse drilling when removing, the FIRE STORM is NOT a reversible bit. 
carbide tipped wood drill bits can be completely rebuilt and repaired.
"Wood Bore".
EXTRA LONG Carbide Tipped Wood Auger Drill Bits
Extra Large and Extra Long Wood sizes.

Carbide Tip Core Drill Drills

for large deep hole drilling!
2" to 24" diameters
any depth!
Carbide tipp wood hole saws for cutting larde deep holes through the toughest wood
core carbide

Turf Drills
For golf courses, sports stadiums, landscaping.
specially manufactured for each need.

 railroad tools – wood drill bits –

( under water):
Coring and drilling bits
underwater core drills –

Ice and Snow drills
snow and ice drills

Carbide tip heavy duty drill for all applications!
Up to 16 + diameters 10 ft lengths or longer.

Gasoline powered drill motors for all applications
gass powered drill motors wood bits power gas drills pole settinggas drills

Pneumatic Drill Motors
2" capacity Reversible

Call for price.

Model ADV-1924  - Variable Speed (speed control dial)
Capacity in wood: 2" Diameter
Reversible: Yes
Power: 3 HP
Chuck Style:1/2" Wood boring
Spindle:#2 Morse Taper
Free Speed:700 RPM
Recommended Hose Size:1/2"
Overall Height:18-1/2"
Weight:24-3/4 lbs.
Air Inlet Thread:1/2" ID
Air Exhaust Thread :1/2" NPT
Air Consumption at 90 PSI :50 CFM

Model ADV-1932
with self-closing roll throttle
Up to 3" for boring wood

1" capacity Reversible

 call for substantial discounts!
Model No. ADV -1903

  • Ideal for drilling timbers, marine sea walls, landscape timbers
    ,underwater use and railroad repair work, log home construction,
    Utilities, bridge repair, Glulam.
    Thrust bearing support for long life and efficient operation

  • Lever throttle and durable spur gearing

  • Breast plate and dead handle included

  • Includes threaded exhaust port

  • Use underwater with Air Tool Line Conditioner


Model ADV-1903  - 1" dia. capacity in wood
Capacity in wood: 1" Diameter
Reversible: Yes
Power: 2 HP
Chuck Style:1/2" Wood boring
Spindle:Stub Taper
Free Speed:750 RPM
Recommended Hose Size:1/2"
Overall Height:17-1/2"
Weight:14-1/2 lbs.
Air Inlet Thread:1/2" ID
Air Exhaust Thread :1/2" NPT
Air Consumption at 90 PSI :39 CFM


Milwaukee 3/4 chuck HD drill for timber bits.

price cannot be advertised, call for substantial discounts!

Milwaukee hd 3/4 drill motor

  • 3/4in. capacity in steel
  • For drilling holes of all sizes in wood frame construction
  • #3 Jacobs taper spindle
  • Triple gear reduction transmits more torque
  • Extra-long switch handle and pipe handle afford
    maximum leverage for drilling and reaming large holes
    Chuck Size (in.)
    Speed (RPM)
    Side Handle
    Keyless Chuck
    Variable Speed
    Case Included
    Manufacturer Warranty
    5 year limited warranty
    Ship Weight
    23.56 lbs



Drill Drives and Power Drives
Model No.'s: ADV-EHB
 (with Torque Control)

These powerful 16 AMP motors have high torque output. They feature variable speed in two changeable gear ratios.
They are reversible and include a mechanical safety clutch.
 Model also includes electronic torque control which can be set at a value that prevents overloading
or over-rolling for tube applications. The motor automatically shuts off at the torque value preset by the operator.
These motors are ideal for many jobs that require portable power drives or drill motors.
Available Accessories include Morse Taper adaptors with a male square drive in sizes 1/2", 3/4" and 1".


Call For Price and Delivery
Phone: 407-478-2487
Fax: 407-678-7414
9:am to 5pm Monday through Friday est.

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Quality Drill Bits for Metals
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Timber and Stone for All Industries and Individuals.

For over thirty one years Advantage Drills Inc", has been an industry innovator
and leader in design, production, and distribution of tooling.
Our basic business principles are to use the highest and best quality materials,
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Acquire the best engineers, and strive to give you the best possible service,
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