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Hss drill bits,M-1,M-2 and all other steel cuttng tools

end mills carbide,cobalt Hss

HSS Twist Drills
all metal working Tooling
Micro, Metric, Fractional,
number, letter
tapered, extra long,
over sized,
All Metal Working Tooling
and custom needs

Drills and Tooling.
micro, Letter, Number,
Fractional, Metric, specials

carbide and cobalt drilla and cutting tools


Core Drills,
Counter Sinks
custom needs

Annular Cutters

Drill Bits
Glass Porcelain

Cores- Drills -router-jig-finishing Tooling

 Glass Porcelain
Ceramic, Tile
 Custom design mfg specials. Metal bonded,
plated braze bonded

Diamond Drill
Carbon Composite
Stone Cutting Tooling
micro, core, router, pads,
disks, cnc, pcd,
plated, brazed,
metal bond routers
finger bits, drums.



Hydraulic Drill Motors
SDS and Wood Boring Motors




Drill Motors
And Accessories

Magnetic protable drill machines
Portable Magnetic Drill Motors
Electric, Hydraulic, Pneumatic


sds, spline, A & B taper,
extra long
custom designed


Carbide tip Masonry,concrete core drills

A & B Taper, Spline, Standard, Ratio.
custom designed

Diamond Cores
wet & dry
saw blades
core rigs
Diamond core drills  wet and dryDiamond concrete,asphault, and masonry blades

Hurricane Anchor Drills

Fusebar Reamers

Fiberglass, Plastics

Wood Working
Drills -Tooling

step drills
plexi point
counter bore
plug cutter
Cutting tools for all woodworkingCarbide and Hss Router bits for all applications

Tenon cutters

Tenon cutters all sizes

Brad Points

Brad Point  bits forll woo,d fiberglass,Composite,

Wood Augers Treated Timbers
sea walls
log home const
epee, Brazilian Wood
bridge construction.
carbide tip wood augers for treated timbers

Timber Drills
Counter Bores
Counter Sinks
utility poles
Fiberglass poles
R/R ties
wood core
special mfg needs

Carbide tip timber counter bores and auger

Shipping Information

Maintenance Welding

Alloyed. Cast Iron,
Aluminum, Steel
Brass, High Strength
maintenance welding alloy

Fractional-Decimal Convergence Chart

HSS & Cobalt
Special P

Drill Feed and Speed Chart

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Masonry drills. Sds-plus masonry drills, sds -max, masonry spline bits, hammer drills, core drills, Manufacturer/-Distributor.
A and B taper, concrete hammer long lengths. Tapcon anchor system. Metric masonry drills, concrete tool accessories,
tooling-construction personal uses. Custom made tooling, precision cutting tools.
Concrete bits, counter bores, counter sinks

sds/PLUS - sds/MAX, hammer, spline,
percussion hammer, metric-standard-long length-large diameter,
custom masonry drills made to your specifications, demolition tooling.

Specialized, manufactured tooling for unusual applications.
Longer lengths as well as larger diameters.

Over 31 Years of Quality Tool Manufacturing!

No One Knows Masonry Drills
More than we do!
------No One!------

Diamond blades /concrete /masonry /tooling.
Standard, metric, and fractional.

All pricing below wholesale! Masonry/Concrete tooling all American manufactured. Special lengths and diameters available weather one or bulk.
Drill bits are made of alloyed tool steel with highest grade carbide tips and are refurbishable.
In today's economy, you deserve better quality and service! We have every type and style of
AMERICAN MANUFACTURED masonry/concrete bit manufactured at rock bottom prices.
 Engineers are ready to help you and get the custom designed tooling you need NO ONE ELSE HAS and to get the job done.
Call 407-478-2487 or write us for delivery and price.

We will Custom manufacture masonry drills for your special needs.
We guarantee the lowest prices and best quality!
prices as low as 99 ˘ for 1/4 x6 masonry drills.
E mail or Call Us for pricing!


Phone: (407)478-2487
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masonry -concrete -tapcon-sds -concrete -spline drive-sds plus-sds max bits-sds max-bits-sds-sds--carbide-tipped bit- -sds plus bits-sds max bits-tapcon bit-concrete - anchor bits-tapcon bits-sds plus bits-spline bits-concrete milling- stucco-tapcon bits-sds plus -carbide tipped bit-core bits-spline -sds-plus-sds
American Made!

Tools manufactured for masonry/concrete drills are designed
for rugged heavy duty us in all conditions. The specialized
alloyed4140 through hardened steels and c-2/c-3 carbide
are designed for continuous use in all the hardest masonry
or concrete. Manufactured in fractional metric sizes.
Larger diameter and length tooling custom
manufactured to your needs.

" Fast Spiral "
fast spiral
masonry/concrete drills
1/8" to 1"dia.
up to 18" lengths.
These masonry drill bits have a proven Fast Spiral masonry Drill Bit design,
combined with a special carbide tip and a tough steel alloy body,
allows the Fast Spiral Bit to drill quickly and cleanly using a standard rotary drill motor.
flute design that allows for less heat buildup, providing the longest bit life possible.

Masonry Uni-Bit
uni bit concrete
The ultra heavy duty multi-purpose bit
masonry, concrete, Granite, brick, block, tile,
marble, slate, fiberglass, steel, iron,
aluminum, wood, and plastic.
1/8" to 1/2" diameters
all purpose carbide drills
This bit is the best for Granite as well as the hardest materials!

"Masonry Hammer Percussion"
masonry/concrete drills
1/8" to 1-1/2" diameters: metric sizes also.
(From 2-3/4" to 84"+) lengths
Metric sizes 5mm to 66mm
(custom diameters and Lengths Mfg.)
Straight Shank Hammer Bits are designed for use in hard hitting hammer drills
that utilize a 3-jawed, Jacob’s type chuck. These Straight Shank Hammer Bits Carbide Tipped
Masonry Drill Bits, feature an extra tough carbide tipped drill bits that gives outstanding performance
in the roughest drilling applications. The heat-treated and surface hardened alloy body,
coupled with an extra tough percussion carbide tip, is designed to stay sharper longer.
The Straight Shank Hammer Drill Bits design allows for easy factory sharpening to help extend the life of the bit.

"SDS/PLUS" Masonry/Concrete
SDS Plus
masonry/concrete drills
3/16" to 1-1/8"diameters or(4 mm to 28 mm).
up to 38"+ lengths.
Metric sizes 5mm to 66mm
(custom diameters and Lengths Mfg.)
The SDS Plus Carbide Tipped Drill Bit feature the SDS plus versatile Slot Drive System
that fits all rotary hammers that specify an SDS Plus Shank. Positive drive slots deliver maximum
drilling torque and maximum hammering energy for faster drilling. We combined the “Ultra Flute”,
an asymmetrical spiral design with the popular SDS Plus Shank to achieve a combination
that makes our the fastest drilling carbide-tipped hammer bit of its type!

"SDS/MAX " Masonry/Concrete
SDS Max,concrete
masonry/concrete drills
Designed with Five carbide tips.
3/8" to 1-1/2"diameters and metric.
up to 72-1/2 " + lengths.
Metric sizes 5mm to 66mm
(custom diameters and Lengths Mfg.)
SDS Max Drill Bits are Carbide Tipped Masonry Drill Bits that have
a heavy duty slot drive system that is designed to maximizes the performance. SDS Max Drill Bits
will fit any rotary hammer that is designed with an SDS Max ® drive system.
has three positive drive slots and two ball retainer slots incorporated
into the SDS Max ® shank design. The design in the SDS Max Carbide Tipped Masonry Drill Bits
allow the operator to drill large diameter holes with ease.
The SDS Max Drill Bits are ® 5/8” diameter or larger are equipped with a multi-cutter tip design.

"SPLINE DRIVE" Masonry/Concrete
splinned drive bits -concrete
Hammer Drills
3/8" to 1-1/2"diameter standard and metric sizes also,
up to 108"+ lengths.
Metric sizes 5mm to 66mm
(custom diameters and Lengths Mfg.)
The Spline Hammer Bits feature a carbide tipped and spline drive.
Spline Drive drill bits are held to exacting tolerances to assure perfect fit
as well as maximum impact and torque transmission. Spline Drill Bits -
are rotary/percussion/hammer carbide tipped drill bits are industrial drills
that are milled from a single piece of steel and are designed with maximum strength to provide maximum life.

extra length bits
1/4" to 1-1/2"dia.
UP TO 108" lengths
Metric sizes 5mm to 66mm
(custom diameters and Lengths Mfg.)
Carbide Tipped long Bell Hanger Drill Bits or Installer Bits are used in small wire installation
or fishing wire threw holes that have just been drilled. These installer bits are carbide tipped.
The Bell Hanger Drill Bits are specifically designed for small wire installation applications
such as telephone wire installation, security alarm installation, fire alarm installation,
cable wire installation, data network wire installation, electricians and other professionals.
All use these unique carbide tipped installer bits to drill holes through walls, studs and other obstacles
and then use the unique threw hole, attaches a wire to the installer bit and fishes
the small wire back through the drilled hole with ease.

"Combination Drills / Counter Sink"
Masonry Hurricane Shutter Installation anchors
counter sinks -concrete huricane shuter instalation tools
1/4 pilot with 1/2 counter bore 3-1/2" and 5" lengths.
Whether protecting your home, property, business or loved one, take the Guesswork
Out of Hurricane Shutter Anchors,
Storm Shutter Anchors, and Security Shutter Anchor Installation...
Hurricane Anchor Bits are Combination masonry drill bits designed for masonry anchors. These bits are designed for
Hurricane Shutter Anchors or Hurricane Anchors and are equipped with a carbide-tipped pilot drill bit, a carbide tipped counter bore,
depth gage collar. Reliable Hurricane Shutter Installation is easy when Hurricane Anchors are set to same depth.
To install hurricane anchors just adjust to counter sinking depth settings. Once the Hurricane Shutter Anchors
depth is adjusted, duplicate holes with exactly the same depth can be quickly drilled, one after another!
In just one easy step Hurricane Shutter Anchors Bits or Hurricane Anchor Bits will repeatedly
drill holes for hurricane anchors lead shields, as well as a small hole to allow clearance
for the screw or bolt to pass through.

Carbide Tipped "Earth Auger "
carbide tip earth augers
2" dia. to 30 " lengths, 1/2 SHANK
Termite bait station installation and soil sampling has never been easier. The Carbide Tipped Earth Auger
is ideal for termite bait station installation or soil sampling. Armed with a carbide
tipped pilot and a carbide tipped auger flute cutter you will drill dozens
if not hundreds of holes with this carbide tipped earth auger. The Carbide Tipped
Earth Auger is equipped with a standard 7/16” Hex shank that fits both quick change chucks and 1/2” Jacobs® Style Chucks.

"TAPCON "Masonry/Concrete
tapcon anchor drills
anchor/screw installations.
SDS Plus Tapcon Carbide Tipped Drill Bits are rotary hammer carbide tipped drill bits,
they are specifically designed for use with Tapcon® concrete screw anchors. Each SDS Plus Tapcon
Carbide Tipped Drill Bit are precisely sized to match the required tolerances necessary to achieve
maximum holding power from self threading concrete screws. These SDS Plus Tapcon carbide tipped
drill bits have a 5/16” hex, immediately below the shank, that fits directly into the concrete screw
anchor installation tool. SDS Plus Tapcon - SDS Plus Carbide Tipped Drill Bits
are designed for use with Tapcon® type anchoring systems that utilize a masonry anchor
screw with a self tapping thread. Constructed of hardened alloy steel, a close tolerance carbide tip
and a SDS-Plus/ Hex style shank, the SDS Plus Tapcon Drill Bits will provide long life
and superior performance. The SDS Plus Tapcon Drill Bits are available by the piece
(Standard Pack) or quantities of 10 per package (Pro-Pack).

"CARPET STUBBY" Masonry/Concrete
short carpet stub bits
The Carpet Stubby (Tack Strip Installer Bits) carbide tipped drill bits
will drill concrete, wood ,or even terrazzo flooring. The Carpet Stubby (Tack Strip Installer Bits)
is used to drill a hole that allows the installer to place a nail through the carpet tack strip
into the floor underneath. These Tack Strip Installer Bits or Carpet Stubby Bits
combine proper nail size and correct diameter hole to help preventing carpet tack strip pullout.

A TAPER or B TAPER" Masonry/Concrete
A and B Taper masonry bits bits-concrete

Hammer masonry drills
(A) Taper 3/16"to 7/8"dia.
(B) Taper 7/16" to 1-1/8"dia.
A and B Taper style masonry drill bits are made especially to fit our high quality
A Taper and B Taper adapters. The smaller A Taper shanks are intended for bit
diameters from 3/16" to 7/8". B Taper shanks are most effective in large capacity
rotary / percussion hammers and are available in sizes from 7/16" to 1-1/8" diameters.
Taper hammer masonry drill bits are produced from high grade steel that is heat treated
and tempered to provide the longest drilling life possible. These masonry drill bits
A Taper and B Taper masonry drill bits have a asymmetrical spiral flute design,
allows for efficient dust removal and cooler operating temperatures.

For SDS and Spline.
masonry adaptors sds plus sds max
concrete adaptors spline drive
Advantage Drills provides a complete line of percussion drill bit accessories of taper chuck adapters
for A and B Taper carbide tipped drill bits plus a complete line of Taper carbide tipped drill bits
that fit most types of current production or even discontinued rotary/percussion hammer models.
When A or B Taper Adapters are combined with A or B Taper carbide tipped drill bits,
costs are held to a minimum. The common problem of having too many carbide tipped drill bits
of one size and too few of another is eliminated. A and B Taper Adapters are produced
from high quality alloy steel and are heat treated for extra long life. A drift pin
is provided with each adapter at no charge. The drift pin is used to remove
A or B Taper carbide tipped drill bits from the adapters. Due to changing models
and additions to power tool lines, other A and B Adapters may be available but are not shown.


hammer core bits concrete
1"to 6" Diameters
12 And 18 Inch Lengths.
sds-plus, sds-max, spline, standard shank.
Rotary Core Masonry Drill Bits are a carbide tipped masonry core bit used
in standard rotary drill motors. Rotary Core Masonry Drill Bits provide an extremely
smooth cutting action and a clean finished hole. Because of the negative setting
of the carbide cutting teeth, Rotary Core Masonry Drill Bits can cut through
the toughest and hardest of aggregate in any type of concrete.
The Rotary Core Masonry Drill Bits sizes 5/8" Diameter to 1-3/8" Diameter are milled
from a single piece of steel. Rotary Core Masonry Drill Bits sizes 1-1/2" Diameter
and over are manufactured with a replaceable threaded shank.
The Rotary Core Masonry Drill Bits can be used in any 1/2” capacity or larger
drill motor equipped with a three jaw chuck
and a rated no-load speed of 400 R.P.M. to 1,200 R.P.M.
This includes most combination hammer drills. When using a combination
hammer drill ensure the selector switch is in the rotary only position!

"Hard Head"
counter sinks -concrete
1-3/4, 2, 2-1/2, 3 diameters up to 24 " lengths.
sds-plus, sds-max, spline, standard shank.

to connect 5/8-11, 3/4-10, 1-1/4-7 Thread
(for most all masonry motors)
have a replaceable 3/4-10 threaded coupler for an extra long working life.
You need only replace the threaded adapter if it should wear or break.
Due to changes and additions in power tool models,
other adapters may be available, but not listed in this catalog.
masonry bit adaptors for all motors

 "Screw Installation Kits "

tapcons and kits

Masonry/Concrete hammer
hammer core bits-concrete
5/8" to 6"dia.
12" to 18" lengths.
sds-plus, sds max, standard shank.
Rotary Core Masonry Drill Bits are a carbide tipped masonry core bit used
in standard rotary drill motors. Rotary Core Masonry Drill Bits provide an
extremely smooth cutting action and a clean finished hole. Because of the negative
setting of the carbide cutting teeth, Rotary Core Masonry Drill Bits
can cut through the toughest and hardest of aggregate in any type of concrete.
The Rotary Core Masonry Drill Bits sizes 5/8" Diameter to 1-3/8" Diameter
are milled from a single piece of steel. Rotary Core Masonry Drill Bits sizes 1-1/2" Diameter
and over are manufactured with a replaceable threaded shank
The Rotary Core Masonry Drill Bits can be used in any 1/2” capacity
or larger drill motor equipped with a three jaw chuck and a rated no-load
speed of 400 R.P.M. to 1,200 R.P.M.. This includes most combination hammer drills.
When using a combination hammer drill ensure the selector switch is in the rotary only position!

Will cut through the toughest steel or rebar.
1/2" to 3 " diameters.
12" AND 18 " lengths.

When drilling with a rotary hammer and a carbide tipped masonry drill bit
(percussion), the masonry drill bit must be quickly stopped when
the masonry drill bit tip comes in contact with steel reinforcing bars or wire mesh.
(If the tool is not stopped any carbide-tipped masonry hammer drill bit will fail.)
Using a standard 1/2" chuck capacity rotary drill with the rebar cutter
inserted into the chuck, place the rebar cutter into the hole and drill through
the embedded rebar or wire by maintaining an even and constant pressure.
After drilling through the rebar or wire, remove the debris from the hole
and continue drilling with the rotary hammer and carbide-tipped masonry drill bit.
rebar cutter bits-concrete

Masonry/Concrete MILLING CUTTER"
Designed to cut through
concrete and wire mesh or rebar.

milling cutters -concrete
1/2" to 6" diameters.
4-1/2"dia.-up to 14-3/4 " length.
When are Carbide-Tipped Core Drill Bits the best alternative to Diamond Core Drill Bits for a particular application?
In general when evaluating the advantages of using core drill bits carbide or diamond drill bits,
consider the 80/20 rule. 80% of applications are suitable for wet diamond core drill
and may not be significantly improved by utilizing carbide core drill bits. 20% of applications,
require other alternative solutions and WET/DRY CARBIDE-TIPPED CORE DRILL BITS offer significant advantages
in such applications. What are these applications? When encountering applications requiring
core drill bits to drill through multiple layers of materials stacked together,
such as wood, steel, concrete, rebar and a host of others material combinations,
diamond drill bits performance can be hindered or completely prohibited. The Best and Available
alternative is the WET/DRY CARBIDE-TIPPED CORE DRILL BITS, which are designed
to solve these difficult jobs encountered by the drilling professional. Can Carbide Core Drill Bits
and Diamond Core Drill Bits work together? Yes, professional core drillers in a variety of situations
effectively use both Diamond Drill Bits and Carbide Core Drill Bits to complete a project.
Whether starting a hole, completing a hole, or anywhere in between, carbide core drill bits
and diamond core drill bits both make significant contributions. Example: starting a hole into concrete
only to encounter plate steel an inch into the hole. Switch to carbide core drill bits,
drill through the steel, then switch back to the diamond drill bits until
the next hindrance to the diamond bit is encountered

Carbide or Diamond
Designed to cut through concrete,
wire mesh and rebar.
3/8" to 6"dia.
13-1/2 and 24" lengths.
Designed for use in a drill rig, the Plate Cutter is the ideal choice when a combination
of concrete and steel is being drilled. Steel plate, embedded rebar, or even wire mesh,
are not a problem for the Plate Cutter. This series can be used wet with a small
amount of water or even dry. The Plate Cutter can be completely rebuilt and unlike
fragile diamond drills, the Plate Cutter will with stand rough usage.
plate cutters masonry bits-concrete

1-1/2" to 6"dia.
For the aggressive deep holes!

1/2 to 1-1/2 standard.
Metric 12mm to 35mm. diameters. up to 750mm lengths.
threads are 1/2-13 pitch
Quad headed

Carbide Tipped  All Sizes. I.A.D.C. Code.
Specifications needed must call for pricing.
tricon rock bitstricon blaster bits

Whirley concrete bits

wet and dry.
1/2" to 48" diameters.
standard lengths 13-3/4".
diamond cores#########

for masonry/concrete
To fit any application!

masonry core rigs masonry bits-concretecore rigs all applications

masonry chisles forged hammer tools ASPHALT CHISLE mules,punches,demoliton tools masonry chisles masonry mull points DEMOLITON CHISLE GROUND ROD DRIVER masonry chisles and points

COUNTER BORES masonry/asphalt/concrete
2" diameter.
special sizes, custom manufactured.
Railroad tie counter bore are used to anchor concrete railroad crossing pads to
their underlying wooden cross ties using a trox bolt ® head type anchor bolt.
The Trox bolt head must be installed below the surface of the concrete to prevent damage to vehicle tires.
In colder climates where snow removal is necessary, this trox bolt ®
countersinking process prevents snowplow blades from shearing off the bolt head.
Railroad tie counter bore, a masonry counter bore, countersinks a two-inch hole into concrete
which was a difficult procedure until the advent of the railroad tie counter
bore masonry counter bore. Powered by an electric, hydraulic,
or air powered rotary/percussion hammer, railroad tie counter bore allows the operator
to countersink any trox bolt head to the proper depth quickly and easily!
highway counter bore tools

concrete counter bore 2 inch head

We also manufacture specialty masonry tooling
for special jobs.
All diameters and lengths.

Continuous, Turbo, and segmented
Masonry/Concrete/ Diamond Blades
diamond saw bladesdiamond saw blades


SDS Plus / SDS Max / Spline
A and B Tapered / ratio / hex
masonry tools.
Standard, Metric and More.
(More Quality Bits and Tooling)
Metals Glass Woods Fiberglass Porcelain Composites
Concrete Tile Timber Stone Welding Alloys
for All Industry and Individuals.

Many types of tooling available.
A/B Taper shank, masonry, concrete, sds/MAX shank, sds PLUS shank, tapcon,
spline shank hammer, milling cutters. plate cutters, rebar cutting, cruciform tools.

For over thirty one years Advantage Drills Inc", has been an industry innovator
and leader in design, production, and distribution of masonry, concrete, stone, asphalt, and demolition tooling.
Our basic business principles are to use the highest and best quality materials,
the most updated manufacturing technologies and equipment.
Acquire the best engineers, and strive to give you the best possible service,
both in information and technical support. We assure you of the best products and best Service available!
"Advantage Drills Inc."

We guarantee the lowest prices and best quality!
E mail or Call Us!
Phone:(407)478-2487 BITS
Fax:(407)678-7414  ( 24 hrs )
(9:00 AM TO 5:00 PM EST)
Advatnage Drills Inc.


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